Coveralls and the Costume Quandary

Halloween will soon be upon us and, with it, the perennial quandary over costumes. There are many solutions to this problem, perhaps the most direct being the store-bought costume-in-a-bag. However, these costumes will unlikely see perennial wear. If they make it past one wearing without falling apart you can consider it a success. Perhaps they will make it into a dress-up bin to die a slow, frustrating death.

To solve this dilemma, consider kids coveralls as an alternative: coveralls, or clothes resembling them, are worn by all sorts of interesting characters—race car drivers, Ghostbuster, astronauts, seamen, Vault Boy from Fallout, as well a tradesmen of all sorts. Add a belt, hat or helmet, and with some patches, duct tape striping or maybe a badge and voilà! …you have your own, uniquely yours, (pretty much) homemade Halloween costume. Our kids’ coveralls

come in red, royal blue, navy blue, and camo. (Yes, we have camouflage kids’ coveralls!)

Unlike the costume-in-a-bag, our coveralls will stand up to all sorts of wear and tear. The kids’ coveralls you buy this year will live to see many Halloweens to come, and will be enjoyed throughout the rough-and-tumble year. We invite you to share your creations with us. For the most ingenious costume that includes our Castle Clothing Kids’ Coveralls, we’ll award a free kids’ rainsuit by Castle Clothing, soon to be available for purchase in the U.S. on our website. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for more.


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