Inspection Ready Kids, or Sailor Suit Care

After last week’s heady post on world peace, it seems responsible to return to a more practical, if pedestrian, topic: the proper care of a sailor suit.

Small children in a kid’s sailor suit don’t stand inspection in the same way that a recruit, plebe, swab, or other new accession to the sea-going service would—at the position of attention, lined up, and formally stared down from head to toe. Nonetheless, as a parent I’ve come to understand that children and their parents are perhaps more scrutinized than any other segment of society. Thus, it’s in the interest of both Chandler Small & Co. and parents that their offspring look good in a children’s sailor suit. Blue and white kid’s sailor suits have both over lapping and unique care issues. Your blogger will stay focused on blue kid’s sailor suits for the moment as that is the starting point for our line of nautical children’s clothing (The start, but not the end: stay tuned for our spring/summer addition to the line).

The first concern with caring for a children’s sailor suit is preserving the rich navy blue color: to accomplish this the proprietor of Chandler Small & Co., the selfsame individual that blogs to you, recommends washing your kid’s sailor suit on a cool setting and hanging them to dry. To take your garment care to the level prescribed by the finest Navy in the world, wash, dry, and iron them inside out. As the Navy Uniform Regulations state: “The body of the jumper has an outward crease in the front, inverted crease in the back, and the collar has three, evenly spaced outward vertical creases.” Inverted creases is the Navy’s way of telling sailors to iron jumpers inside out. The same applies to sailor’s pants. Washing and ironing inside out also minimizes wear and disruption to the braid on your kid’s sailor suit. Ironing inside out prevents the dark navy blue from getting a uneven, shiny finish where the iron presses most.

Follow these instructions and even the most scrutinizing eyes will not be able to take issues with your kid’s sailor suit. If this blogger could similarly defend you against such scrutiny of your kid’s behavior, he would. But alas, your blogger’s eight years of parenting have not yet taught him such alchemy.

Photo: British Royal Navy sailors iron their middies in a World War II era documentary film.  Note their undershirts, the forbearer of the ringer shirt offered by Chandler Small & Co.


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